Why has may pain returned!

By | January 13, 2020


I often get someone walking through the door that has suffered from pain for a long time..it might be episodic or chronic either way they want answers and it solved.Of course they are frustrated,miserable and think they will never get rid of the pain.They had treatment in the past had maybe one or two sessions think its gone rest it  and when they return to their activity its back.Is this you?

Why does that happen?

Firstly it has be clearly identified why you have the injury was it from a fall/sports or insidious?When we can identify what has occurred we can then assess it.

Eg .Someone calls into me with knee pain(tendonitis)I can recognize quickly enough that it is this but why have they got it?

Is it from running 10km too quickly rather than following a plan from 1km up?(couch to 5km).

Is it because they hurt their R ankle 5 years ago and now load the L leg and the knee(weight bearing joint)takes the overload?

Is it because they have poor posterior knee stability-which means the calf/hamstring or gluts on that leg aren’t working so again the knee takes the brunt?

Either way we first need to identify WHY its always why by the way! When we can see the mechanisms that caused the pain then we have a ROADMAP for rehabilitation.Otherwise you the patient just goes around in a circle.

To simplify it your body gets used to working a certain way a bit like a computer system.If the muscles that attach to your knee are used to being overloaded by the default they will do this even if in PAIN until the lazy muscles are kicked in to touch.

How do get rid of the pain then so I can start running?

So when we have identified why your knee(or back etc.)is overloading we can desensitize it.Then we need to do  progressive drills to get the lazy muscles working again.Usually the knee will start to feel better.Once  you have progressed to where you can hop without any pain -then your close.

Too often I see guys run after 2 treatments and few drills and they think it will be ok and then they break down again.That old default system kicks back in again-this could be anywhere in the body.

I don’t base my knowledge on faith healing but on experience/science and rehab-with a bit gut instinct.Resting your injury for a bit will only calm it down until you have to challenge it-then back to square one!

Here’s a quick video that explains more please share!


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