Physical Therapy

As a member of the I.A.P.T. Physical Therapists offer a high standard of service and adhere to current medical practices. Physical therapy is a science based therapy and consists of hands on treatment using a combination of manual techniques derived from massage and osteopathy. This ensures safe and effective treatment for musculoskeletal and joint dysfunction.
The physical therapist uses hand based skills in diagnosing the problem – whether this be a muscle, ligament or joint problem. The aim is to relieve the pain and also treat the underlying problem. Each treatment is designed for the specific needs of the individual followed by an evaluation.
The first treatment consists of:
¨ Thorough history taking – Comprehensive
¨ Physical examination
¨ Assessment of findings
¨ Treatment plan
¨ Advice and rehab

Subsequent treatments will consist of:
¨ Evaluation of treatment/progress
¨ Re-assessment
¨ Advanced treatment
¨ Physical therapy effectively treats the following:
¨ Neck and back pain
¨ Whiplash
¨ Poor posture
¨ Repetitive strain injury
¨ Tendon & ligament strain
¨ Shoulder injuries
¨ Knee injuries
¨ Foot & ankle injuries
¨ Elbow and wrist problems
¨ Tennis / golfers elbow

Techniques employed:
¨ Myofascial
¨ Mobilisation
¨ Stretching