Mobile therapist

Bodymechanix wants to make sure that anybody who needs Physical therapy gets expert treatment, so we offer a Home Visit service to accommodate those who can’t make it to the clinic.

Why Get Physical Therapy At Home?

Having worked in the NRH (National Rehabilitation Hospital) for two years I worked with many patients that had become immobile due to Stroke/road traffic accident or falls. I realised that even the smallest of tasks such as dressing oneself can be a big task. Of course alot of patients can become immobile due to illness or surgery.
Physical therapy can help patients get stronger and develop better balance so they can return to function. It can also give them the tools through exercise to progress to better movement and health.
We can also help family members to understand the condition affecting the patient. They can then help through assisting with exercises.

Call out 1 hour: €80.00

For more information

Ph: 087 9436093.