How long will my back pain last?

By | December 8, 2019
How long will my back pain last

How long will my back pain last

How long will my back pain last? ….

How long will my back pain last?….I often get asked how bad is it?….how many treatments will I need.?…How long is a piece of string!..These are very plausible questions-as I stretch for my crystal ball-the truth is every one is different and alot depends on the age of the patient/health etc.If its acute like a spasm it can turn around in a week.If it’s more chronic and the dysfunction has been there for along time it wont disappear after 2 treatments!The body can often develop poor muscle habits and keep overloading the injured area, while the lazy muscles sit back!even if your in pain the body will continue in this default mode.This is very often when I see this tired,sore frustrated person.

This is what I do and advise.I suffered with alot of body pain in the past.Once you have the pain under control from treatment and rehab programme, get some maintenance done-you go to see your dentist every 6 months?.,and that’s just for your mouth!.. now I go to my good friend Karen Coffey in Greystones once a month and she irons me out…I always feel a million euros afterward.My own past injuries are-disc bulges 4 /tendinopathy elbow /shoulder/neck pain/torn left hamstring/quad tear/cracked rib/ruptured L ankle.many fractures…phew!….some of these were from sports and my own fault I must confess. As a physical therapist my injuries have been my greatest teacher and I now can pass on my knowledge to you the client.


Acute:muscle tear/spasm/sprain

2 to 3 treatments in succession

Chronic;back pain/disc/tendonitis/postural dysfunction

3 to 6/8/10

Treatment plans/goals are devised with client based on their needs and budget.Keep an eye out for some great deals from Bodymechanix.


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