Free from Pain Package

By | November 8, 2019

Hi Guys,

As I’m always saying In case you didn’t hear me-I’ll let you in on a secret-there is no such thing as perfect posture! …From a distance some people may look like they have(but they don’t!)….that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for it.

As I said movement is much more important because of they way we live today.There are two people I rarely see in my clinic-builders and farmers-they don’t sit alot unless they are office bound and then I will see them before long.

In 20 years of being a therapist I’ve seen all kinds of pain, strains and people of all backgrounds.Very often the pain isn’t always coming from an injury from sports or a fall.It’s coming from what they do..or more pointedly what they are not doing.Where an old injury may be contributing it’s the body overloading some muscles/tissues to protect others-it is learnt behaviour by the body.

The body is brilliant at adaption and will carry you and your strains for along time and then will say I’ve had!!

The thing is when you point your body in the right direction via treatment and and exercise plan it will invariably recover…

Maybe your thinking that could be very costly and there’s the time involved…

Well it’s not costly and there’s minimal time involved…In fact in 6 treatments I usually have most people out of the pain they came to me with..but don’t take my word for it check out my testimonials.



 I’m offering this to EP staff for the PRICE OF 5!…For a short time only.



I put this together be cause I knew many people like the ‘old me’ are sick of being in pain…when they get out of their seat…when driving…when they sit at their desk..when they wake up in the morning.

When I treated clients for posture and bodypain in the past, I found 3 treatments really helped them but just like peeling an onion I wasn’t getting through all the layers.With 6 treatments I do + they have all the exercises and information to help understand they’re bodypain and how to keep it at bay.

Now I’d normally charge €360 for this programme but til the end of NEXT WEEK it will be;


What you can expect:

  • A thorough history and examination includes special testing-leading me to find out what is causing driving your pain.
  • Treatment protocol-a combination of massage/myofascial stretching/spinal mobilisation
  • Focused exercise plan-tailored to your issue/injury
  • Access to my videos for rehabilitation
  • Finally you  get me and my 20 years experience

So don’t hang about if you want to avail of this offer and end your bodypain once and for all…

Wouldn’t you like to find out once and for all what’s driving your pain?

Wouldn’t you like to feel better than you have in years?..

Well it’s all possible….

I’m only offering this for a short time and too only small number of people so they will get the best focus and treatment..


This isn’t for you if;

You don’t have bodypain

You don’t want to get rid of your pain

You don’t want to follow a basic rehab programme

You want a quick fix

You think I am a faithhealer/miracleworker/Uri Geller

You have the body of Adonis/Venus


This is for you If;

you have….neck pain…back pain…shoulder pain… hip pain…knee pain,, ankle pain and you had it for awhile…AND WANT IT TO END.

You want to play with your kids/Grandkids and not worry about your back seizing up….

or  To drive down the country and be able to get out of the car-without feeling like someone sat on you!


This is for you!….


So I’m going to keep this offer open to EP staff for only a short time

I know your thinking I can’t afford it at the moment….Xmas is round the corner…don’t have the time

Well when is the time?!…sorry but I hear this alot…Can I say;





lecture over(lol)…


So excuses out of the way…


  • 6 treatment plan
  • Focused rehab programme
  • Video Library


ALL FOR 300euros!!

Don’t hang about I’m generally very busy and will only have small number of slots to avail of.


Still not sure?….then I can let you try the 

Bodyfix 3 Treatment Plan

Normally €180.00… €150!

Yes €150.00!!

This is great introductory to getting a handle on your pain aswell as start on rehabilitating your body.

Again I will only be offering this for a short time….

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