The costs associated with work-related injuries can be a huge hit to the bottom line and hurt your greatest asset – your people. Finding a comprehensive and cost-effective solution can be frustrating. There is a simpler way. Bodymechanix is a leading injury prevention and management service. We can help you build an injury prevention programme that is simple, economical and effective.

At Bodymechanix we tailor ergonomics programmes to your staff needs and goals for a true return on investment. We employ a four – phase approach to programme implementation that we tailor for your business and workspace.


Our first step is to evaluate who the stakeholders are and then investigate the key areas of concern. We evaluate and review existing office and desk layout and design taking in any concerns that employees and management may have. We will see what the objectives and long-term goals are and plan around them.


Employee training, assessment and workstation enhancement form the core of our implementation process. Individual training and assessments elevate awareness of proper configuration, improve posture and reduce employee discomfort.


After training and assessment has been carried out, we make recommendations to all stakeholders that will enhance and improve the existing workspace of employees and reduce the risk of injury to them. This will be a written report on all workstations and office spaces that have been assessed.


Programme maintenance is critical for continued success. In this phase we are a resource for ongoing training, assessment support and programme guidance. As your organization changes and grows we work to ensure that consistent workstation design and training strategies are implemented throughout.

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