Does your shoulder hurt when you put on your coat?

By | August 11, 2015

Does your shoulder pinch when you turn the key in the door?…or putting on your bra!…maybe lying at night its sore and throbbing.This is shoulder impingement.

You probably don’t remember hurting it?…thats cause you didn’t.Basically the tendon in your shoulder(supraspinatus) is rubbing of the joint above(AC joint)and over time it gets microteared and then starts to ache and pinch.That shouldn’t happen though right?No it’s because the space that the tendon moves in has become smaller(subacromial space)this due to posture and very often poor technique(sports)where all the rotator cuff muscles and working properly…imagine someone sitting slumped at their desk leaning on there elbows and you might get the picture!

What can I do I hear you say?….Ok so first its probably inflamed so some icing x 3times aday will help.Its probably worse in the evening so get that ice on(in teatowel no burns!)…this will calm it down and draw inflamed chemicals and blood away.Ask yourself what might be causing it?….my desk set up the mouse…driving etc…my golf swing!You then need to get those rotator cuff muscles working again in unison.

Try this draw your scapula together and hold for 5 secs.repeat for 5 times x 3 times day this starts re-educating your posture and getting those shoulder muscles working.