Why you should breathe through your nose and how to breathe properly

Why you should breathe through your nose It sounds so simple but the function of the respiratory system and the rib cage is key to optimal function of the body as whole.Firstly for respiration/nervous/parasympathetic system and then the musculoskeletal system. Anecdotally in the past from  colleagues I would have heard how important the ribcage is…now… Read More »

Why has may pain returned!

I often get someone walking through the door that has suffered from pain for a long time..it might be episodic or chronic either way they want answers and it solved.Of course they are frustrated,miserable and think they will never get rid of the pain.They had treatment in the past had maybe one or two sessions… Read More »

2020: Avoid the posture slump

So its 2020.. I never thought I’d be writing that date but I have and I’ve already wrote 2019 3 times! I hope you had a nice Xmas and caught up on some sleep. So before the workload starts to kick in try to mitigate the neck and back tightening up.Generally we all start the… Read More »

What is a good exercise for an ankle injury

In this post I will show you 3 great exercises for old and new ankle injuries. 30 years ago I was running across a road on my way to a disco and ‘pop’ went my ankle…I had managed to rupture the 3 ligaments on the outside of the left ankle and boy was it sore!It… Read More »

How long will my back pain last?

How long will my back pain last? …. How long will my back pain last?….I often get asked how bad is it?….how many treatments will I need.?…How long is a piece of string!..These are very plausible questions-as I stretch for my crystal ball-the truth is every one is different and alot depends on the age… Read More »

Is my back pain serious….probably not!

Is my back pain serious….probably not! There is a lot of mythology around back pain.Of course it can be very painful and I find myself explaining to clients all the time that there’s is usually a strain and nothing more-90% is a strain and the rest made up disc/vertebra fractures/facet damage/cancer(1%).Back pain was unwelcome visitor… Read More »

Free from Pain Package

Hi Guys, As I’m always saying In case you didn’t hear me-I’ll let you in on a secret-there is no such thing as perfect posture! …From a distance some people may look like they have(but they don’t!)….that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for it. As I said movement is much more important because of they… Read More »

Does your shoulder hurt when you put on your coat?

Does your shoulder pinch when you turn the key in the door?…or putting on your bra!…maybe lying at night its sore and throbbing.This is shoulder impingement. You probably don’t remember hurting it?…thats cause you didn’t.Basically the tendon in your shoulder(supraspinatus) is rubbing of the joint above(AC joint)and over time it gets microteared and then starts… Read More »