A day with Dave O’Sullivan – head physio of the English rugby team

By | November 26, 2019

A day with Dave O’Sullivan (head physio of the English rugby team)

Last week I took off for  Huddersfield Yorkshire for a two day seminar with Dave O’Sullivan(head physio with English rugby team).It’s fair to say you would only be going there if you had an actual event there….not the most exciting of places!..Also you can’t fly direct but the train was very efficient( 60 mins from Manchester Airport).

When I got to the Old Golf hotel I was looking forward to dip in the pool and then Jacuzzi-stupid me no such gym/pool etc.-check the small print and website. Anyway the seminar was on there so that was that.

Friday we looked over testing for the upper arm and case studies. Saturday(slightly sore head..some were sorer) we went over lumbar spine and lower limb. What has become very apparent in back pain now is getting the patient to bend/flex and depress the rib cage early in treatment. Before it was bed rest maneuver gingerly. Really that makes it worse as everything stiffens up and protective tone of the back/trunk and glut muscles kick in. We now know that if you can get the back to relax through breathing calm down the nervous system you can start to get those stiff protective muscles to lengthen. Secondly by loading the pillars- the legs- we can get the overworked back to relax. Your back is a STRONG STRUCTURE not weak, unless you happen to have crumbling bones through disease etc. 90% is back strain/sprain /spasm..why?….because it WORKS TOO HARD. Your body learns to work a certain way through the nervous system and even when something is in pain it can continue like a defunct PC program. The key is to rewire / re-program it again through exercise and treatment. I’m amazed again to see how the body adapts to get a job done.. of course there is payoff pain and injury.

Even the top rugby players such as the big south east Asia guys have these glitches-usually a lot of knee pain as they sink when they run overloading the knees. When they do the drills you can see where they wobble or are weak. Without finding these under-performing spots the injury can continue along with the pain. Thankfully Dave was able to sort the guys out.

I really love these trips and pick up new techniques as well as few bits of insight and wisdom from other therapists… everyday’s a school day as they say!

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