2020: Avoid the posture slump

By | January 12, 2020
So its 2020..
I never thought I’d be writing that date but I have and I’ve
already wrote 2019 3 times! I hope you had a nice Xmas and caught up on
some sleep.
So before the workload starts to kick in try to mitigate the neck and back
tightening up.Generally we all start the day off sitting in the right position
but as the day goes on we drift towards the screen… In fact sitting in the
same position is actually not good for you.A bit of slumping is ok as well as it
rests the spine-forget military posture-movement is the key.Get up walk
around every 30 minutes. Drifting towards the screen will cause the neck to
become stiff and overloaded then the muscle attachments(knots)in the
upper back and base of the skull become overloaded and grouchy(you know
what I mean!). This can cause neck spasm/pain and headaches and tension
in the back.
Here’s a quick video to help you.Watch next week I’ll be doing a video on
ergonomic desk set up. Please like and share!